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The Puppet Company (US)

Wilberry Minis: Owl (Tawny)

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Perfect for Christmas, Stocking Fillers and gifts for all occasions - our best-selling collection of beautiful Wilberry Minis. These pocket-sized companions are big on charm and adventure, perfectly sized for presents and adventures.With over 40 animals to choose from (and more on the way!) there really is a Wilberry Mini for everyone! With wise and captivating eyes, the Tawny Owl Wilberry Mini embodies the mystique of these nocturnal creatures. Expertly crafted, it adds a touch of enchantment to your Wilberry collection. This adorable lifelike animal by Wilberry is finished to a very high standard and has superb attention to detail. At less than 15cm, they’re small enough to carry about, making them the perfect companion for all of life’s little adventures! This engaging collection encourages imaginative play and looks even better when used in a group. Average height - 14cm Suitable from 12 months and above.