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Buckle Me Baby Coats

Toasty Buckle Me Baby Coat | Grey

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MEET THE COAT THAT DOES IT ALL 🏠 GOES ON AT HOME – STAYS ON SAFELY IN CAR SEATS 🎁 FAST + EASY TRANSITIONS IN + OUT OF CAR ❄️ PERFECT FOR SNOWY OUTDOOR PLAY 🚨 KEEPS LITTLE ONES WARM IF YOU ARE STRANDED AWAITING RESCUE BONUS: ❤️ LONGER SLEEVES SO COATS CAN LAST MORE THAN ONE SEASON Yes there are other workarounds out there but: * Ponchos aren’t warm in a crash, * blankets fall on the ground out of reach when you need them (not to mention the constant washing), * light fleece jackets are only good for quick dashes to the car - plus you STILL need to buy your little one a coat for the snow… Juggling several winter solutions is a hassle and adds up fast and none of these will keep your little one warm in an emergency while awaiting rescue.