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Friendly Patch CO

The Essentials Pack - 2 energy, 2 sleep, 2 stress, 2 immune

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Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, immune defense, peace, or much-needed sleep, our Essential Pack has you covered, and we’re sticking to that! Get your Friendly Patch fix all at once with our Essentials Pack! Powerful, plant-based support lasting up to 12 hours with our Boost, Shield, Zen, and Snoozzze patches—all in one convenient variety pack.  Each package contains 8 patches (2 of each variety). Ingredients: Boost for all-day energy * Caffeine (20mg) * Yerba Mate (4 mgs.)  * Guarana Extract 22% (4 mgs.) * Green Tea Extract (3 mgs.) * Green Coffee Extract (3 mgs.) * Fat-Soluble Vitamin Blend (2 mgs.) * Orange Citrus Fragrance Oil (1 mg.