Roxette Petite Locket Necklace

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The perfect compliment to the little black dress (or t-shirt), this versatile piece keeps those you love close to your heart. Luminous white topaz and oxidized sterling silver come together to give the illusion of black diamonds in this beautifully crafted round locket necklace. Sterling Silver locket pendant with White Topaz. Locket measures 15mm diameter. Comes with 18" Sterling Silver chain with a jump ring at 16" allwoing for two length options. 

The Roxette is the smaller version of the Roxy locket necklace. The Roxette evokes the image of theater footlights with a circle of topaz in the center of the pendant. This keepsake locket reminds us of a grand age of Hollywood. The sterling silver locket suggests Busby Berkeley movie images creating complex but beautiful patterns by glamorous women. The grand movie palaces of the 1920’s and 30’s were perfected by man who went by name Roxy. He eventually founded Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes, who were originally called the Roxyettes. When we designed this piece it was with Old Hollywood charm in mind. Images of Ginger Rogers, Dorothy Lamour and Rita Hayworth came to our minds as well as some of the women we know that still represent that type of old school glamour today.

“This product needs to be customized when purchased. Email the photo that you want in this locket to Please write “Photo Locket Order” in the subject heading.