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The Puppet Company (US)

Hide-Away Puppets: Tawny Owl (with 3 Babies)

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The Puppet Company - Hide-Away Puppets - Tawny Owl (with 3 Babies). Introducing our magical Puppet Hideaway range - where puppets come to life and find their special 'house' to call home! Each puppet in this enchanting collection is cleverly designed to hide away in its cozy abode. With a flick of your wrist, watch them emerge and bring joy to your storytelling adventures. Crafted for imaginative play, this set features our lifelike Tawny Owl finger puppets nestled within a cozy "Mummy" Owl. Indulge in storytelling and interactive fun as you bring these feathered friends to life. This really is a really versatile set, in vibrant colours it provides hours of interactive play value and makes a fantastic gift. Each group contains assorted finger puppets that can Hide Away in their themed playhouse. Set Includes 3 Owls (Tawny) from our Finger Puppet collection. Suitable for children 12 months and above. Height: 27cm x Width: 16cm x Length: 33cm.
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