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FITsplint Post-Natal Support Splint

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After pregnancy, women are dealing with some degree of abdominal separation and weak core muscles and tissue. The fascia is trying to heal after pregnancy. The FitSplint splints abdominal separation or diastasis recti without restricting range of motion or breathing patterns. Its non slip material keeps splint in place and it is flexible and fully adjustable for custom fit. For optimal recovery, it's recommend to wear the FITsplint postpartum for 4-6 weeks WHILE doing progressive inner core exercises. The FITsplint includes 5 ReCORE exercises to get women started.  

CARE Product can be worn against undershirt instead of direct skin.  Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang dry. Made from silicone, nylon and breathable neoprene *Skin irritations or allergic reactions from silicone or neoprene are possible but rare 

SIZING - current post-natal jean size

Post-Natal Small 0-6, Post-Natal Medium 6-12, Post-Natal Large 14-20 

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