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Bath Set 6 Rice Wax Crayon Colors with Yellow Fish sponge

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The coolest bath time accessory! Hours of fun can be had in the bath with these awesome crayons. These unique kitpas can be used to draw smoothly on wet surfaces and easily wipe clean when done. Kids can easily wash their artwork off with soap and water. No staining! The crayons float in water are made from non-toxic rice bran wax. Each bath crayon is a hexagon shape, which makes it easy to hold and is wrapped with water proof paper, so it won’t get torn even when it’s wet. All Kitpas products are non-toxic and allergen free.  

  • A set of 6 kitpas for bath (Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple), Blue sponge
  • Waterproof case that adheres to the bathroom wall
  • Float in the water
  • Draws on wet surfaces

Made in Japan

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